A Letter from our Founder

Growing up in both the United States and Italy instilled in me a love of languages, a deep connection to my cultural heritage, and a firsthand understanding of the immense personal and professional value of bilingualism. 

When I became a mother, I instinctively wanted the same for my child. In 2000, shortly after my son William was born, I began building my own foreign language program for young children.

Through our collaboration with early childhood specialists, educators, and linguists, we now offer lessons in 12 languages for infants, toddlers, and young children.

Evolving research in brain development and over 20 years of proven classroom success have affirmed and strengthened Carousel’s mission: to provide our youngest generation with the intellectual stimulation and educational advantage gained through early exposure to more than one language.

But the greatest measure of our success is joyful children engaged in an enchanting, immersive learning environment, embracing the beauty of different languages and cultures.

I invite you to discover our world of languages and open your child’s doorway to global citizenship.

Carousel of Languages Founder

Meet our Founder

Carousel Founder and CEO, Patrizia Saraceni Corman feels fortunate to have grown up in both the United States and Italy.

“My childhood years in Italy gave me a wealth of priceless memories—vaporetti, delicious gelato, the wonderful school I attended—and a love of that beautiful culture. The experience also instilled a deep connection to my heritage, and a firsthand understanding of the immense personal and professional value of bilingualism.”

Returning to the United States as an adult, Patrizia’s intimate knowledge of Italian culture and ability to speak the language opened a world of professional opportunity. She spent her early career in Marketing and Communications for high-end Italian fashion brands such as Giorgio Armani and the Benetton family.

When she became a mother, Patrizia instinctively wanted to provide the same rich experiences and opportunities for her son, William. “I wanted him to skip along the canals in Venice, eat spaghetti in Rome, throw stones off ancient river bridges in the beautiful cities all over Italy.” says Patrizia. “And I wanted him to speak Italian.

Like most bilingual parents, she felt it was natural—and vital—to begin her child’s foreign language education right away.

At the same time, groundbreaking research in brain development was in the news, and the field of early childhood education was making huge strides. Science affirmed the importance of beginning language study in infancy. Studies demonstrated that early exposure to multiple languages actually builds a more powerful brain by boosting synaptic connections, and can have a profound positive impact on successful learning later on.

Patrizia searched for an Italian language class for infants, but even in NYC’s thriving international community, she couldn’t find one that seemed specifically designed to stimulate and delight an infant or toddler, to truly engage the mind, heart, and senses of a very young child.

She yearned for a program that captured a feeling—something evocative of the magical, culturally rich experience she’d had growing up and learning to speak another language. And it just wasn’t available.

“I woke up in the middle of the night and thought, I know what I need to do,” explains Patrizia. “I realized that I could create my own program—one that would be genuinely enchanting for little children, and grounded in solid research. And I had a very clear vision for it. I created this program as a gift for my son.”

And so, in 2000, while William was still a baby, she began building a foreign language program for infants, toddlers, and young children.

Inspired by the nostalgic illustrations and mellow palette on a vintage Italian alphabet poster that hung above William’s crib, Patrizia designed a unique and beautiful childcentered learning environment. A warm, nurturing family-like atmosphere where children feel safe, cozy, happy, and loved. Every element is expertly curated to stimulate a child’s imagination and spark curiosity—custom teaching materials, engaging props, and exquisite décor including sparkling chandeliers, plush bears, and silk butterflies that “land” in unexpected places.

Collaborating with early childhood specialists, educators, linguists, researchers, and likeminded parents around the world, she developed a research-backed, play-based curriculum structured on multisensory learning through verbal, visual, and tactile association. She created a world of texture, color, music, and the rich sounds of many languages, where students are encouraged to explore, play, touch, hold, make sounds, try new words, and ask questions.

She began with one language, Italian, but soon added Spanish, French, Mandarin, and a many more—Carousel of Languages was born!

Patrizia chose a carousel to represent the program because it was her favorite image from the original alphabet poster. The carousel—giostra in Italian—is an iconic children’s amusement, a symbol of joy, wonder, freedom, and playfulness. In Italy, giostra is also an idiom for a beautiful abundance.

“And that’s what we’ve created at Carousel—a beautiful abundance of children, teachers, languages, cultures, and experiences. It’s truly magical.”

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