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Age Groups

Together we are growing the next generation of Global Citizens!

Infants & Toddlers

Infants and Toddlers learn through their senses and the manipulation of objects in the world around them. In this vital developmental window, we encourage children to interact with our exquisite, custom made physical props, practicing fine motor skills as they absorb language through traditional songs and stories, in a warm, nurturing environment.

Fun Language Classes

Preschool Age

During this stage, children develop memory and begin to recognize language through symbols. We introduce customized early childhood themes and playful activities and games for grasping and retaining new vocabulary. We construct sentences, build conversation, and engage the body and senses through music and movement, arts and crafts, interactive storytelling, and dramatic play. Our beautiful, exclusive teaching materials and props provide a stimulating, multisensory experience.

Elementary School Age & Beyond

As children grow, they begin to organize information in more logical and systematic ways, classifying objects on complex levels and testing new ideas.

Our older students learn through increasingly sophisticated theme-based activities, with a curriculum focused on logical thinking activities, educational board games, and practical conversation. Carousel programs prepare students for elementary school and support them throughout the primary grades and beyond by strategically introducing developmentally appropriate reading, writing, and grammar. 

Tailored one-on-one tutoring is available into the teen years.

Fun Language Classes for Kids