Every Age a Remarkable Stage! Part 1: Terrific Twos!

Your young child’s development year-to-year Carousel is pleased to bring you a new article series celebrating your young child’s marvelous ages and exciting developmental stages! Every few weeks we’ll focus on a specific age group and explore the exciting things that are happening in your child’s body and brain. Though we specialize in 0-3 years, […]

Explore the Ocean with our Sea Animals Theme

International Language Learning with Animals

All Carousel classes are currently adapted for our Online Program, which faithfully recreates Carousel’s signature warm, engaging experience. Visit www.carousellanguages.com to find out more about theme-based learning Carousel style, and how we’re bringing the whole Carousel world right into your living room with our unique new remote program— specially designed for infants, toddlers and young […]

Real Talk about Virtual Life

Carousel of Languages Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Two complementary principles form the bedrock of Carousel of Languages’ esteemed foreign language program for infants and toddlers: First, our philosophy and methodology are based on research—well established and ongoing—in the fields of brain development, child psychology, early childhood education, language acquisition, and multilingualism. Carousel Teaching System®, our signature curriculum, is grounded in two decades […]

A Dizzying Whirlwind Tour!

From Carousel of Languages to Carousels of the World This summer, with travel options more limited than usual, many families are having a “staycation.” So Carousel is taking the whole family on a special virtual exploration of…the magnificent merry-go-round! We’ll “visit” Carousels around the globe, learn a brief history of the carousel itself, find out […]