Online Language Lessons

Specially Designed for Infants, Toddlers and Young Children!

We are thrilled to introduce our new remote learning format! ​

Though we cherish the intimacy of in-person classes, it’s an honor to be able to share the Carousel magic with families nationwide.

Backed by extensive research and grounded in two decades of classroom success, our Carousel Teaching System® online language lesson program provides quality language input on a regular basis and authentically recreates Carousel’s signature warm, engaging experience. 

We’re delighted with the enthusiastic reception of our remote lessons. We continue to see exceptional results in children’s language production and comprehension.

Benefits of Carousel’s online distance learning program include:

Real-Time Interaction between Teacher & Student
Warm, Playful Class Style
Small Class Size
Frequency & Consistency of Exposure 
Age-Appropriate Interval Lessons of 20 or 30 minutes
Grows With Your Child! Curriculum adapts seamlessly to elementary school age and beyond.

“We love the sense of structure and familiarity the online lessons provide for Madeleine. We’ve also seen her French vocabulary expand by the day over the last several weeks.  Also, we love how Miss Letisya makes learning approachable and fun – 15 minutes we all look forward to daily. We cannot thank you all for providing normalcy in these abnormal times!”

“Out of all the Zoom classes we do, Carousel’s Spanish class is by far the most engaging and most fun energetic Rockey has! Thank you for everything!”

“Wow! C’est magnifique. Peter loves working with Noemie – she is so wonderful. I’m really seeing progression and he organically has been responding and speaking in French with me.”

“I can’t tell you enough how much he enjoys it – of all his zoom classes this is the ONLY one he looks forward to and talks about.”

“Pierson & Sterling love the zoom classes and are learning a lot of French. Thank you so much for being so wonderful!”

“Thanks very much again for your and all of COL’s support, responsiveness, and dedication, especially given these challenging times; you guys are something else!”