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Learn French with Carousel of Languages

There are so many reasons to introduce your young child to French!​

French is a Romance language, meaning it’s derived from early, spoken Latin. But its “romance” doesn’t stop there! French is widely known as the Language of Love. 

Some legends hold that this dates back due to the famous troubadours, medieval lyric poets who wrote beautiful verses, often set to music, and popularized the notion of courtly love. Another theory is that French is considered the language of love simply because it is very euphonic, harmonious and pleasant to the ear. 

And it’s always a joy to hear your child say je t’aime!

France is known for its cultural richness and vibrant artistic spirit: fine wine and delicious, diverse cuisine, haute couture, inventive theatre, great sculptors and painters, brilliant ballet, and centuries of enormous achievements in architecture.

Besides its inherent beauty and romance, French is an important and versatile language. It’s an official language of the United Nations, UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, and the International Red Cross, as well as the procedural language of the European Union.

With close to 300 million total speakers currently, French is the 6th most spoken language in the world. It also ranks among the most popular second languages, and is the second most studied language in the world, after English!*  French is also one of the world’s fastest-growing languages. It’s projected that by 2050 more than 650 million people worldwide will speak French!

It’s the official language of 29 countries, from within Europe, to Africa, North America, and French Polynesia. Speaking French opens cultural doors from Switzerland to Canada, Morocco to Martinique, Tunisia to Tahiti. It’s extremely valuable for travel and study abroad.

The similarity among romance languages means that once you’ve learned one, the others are much more easily understood and acquired. In our modern, globalized economy, bilingualism is a valuable career asset. And of course, Latin root words prove very useful in studying vocabulary for important exams like the SAT and GRE.  

The French language has “loaned” many words and phrases to other tongues—dozens of French terms are in common usage in English. Avant-garde, chic, laissez-faire, je ne sais quoi, RSVP, moi, hors d’oeuvres, and many more. Voilà!

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