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Learn Turkish with Carousel of Languages

There are so many wonderful reasons to introduce your young child to Turkish!

Many families come to us for Turkish lessons in order to deepen their child’s connection to their cultural heritage, and so they’ll speak the family’s native tongue.

But there are so many wonderful reasons to learn Turkish as a second language.

About 88 million people across the globe speak Turkish as a first or second language, placing it in the top 15 most-spoken languages.

With 5000 miles of coastline (Aegean, Mediterranean, and Black Seas, and the smaller Sea of Marmara), the beautiful Kaçkar mountains, a mild climate, exciting cities that boast a fantastic mix of ancient and modern elements, and its famously friendly, welcoming people–Turkey is a traveler’s dream! 

A bridge between Europe and Asia, and a close neighbor to Africa, Turkey has a thriving multicultural atmosphere. With its burgeoning economy, and excellent, affordable education system, tens of thousands of international students keep its restaurants, bars and cultural centers lively around the clock.

Carousel of Languages is New York City’s premier early childhood foreign language program. We offer online Turkish classes for kids, specializing in lessons for infants, toddlers, and young schoolchildren. Our holistic philosophy, research-backed methodology, and acclaimed proprietary curriculum, Carousel Teaching System®, provide the proven cognitive, creative, and academic benefits of early exposure to more than one language. 

Offering online lessons in 11 languages and serving an international clientele, we celebrate diversity, foster connection to cultural heritage, and spark the curiosity that inspires a lifelong love of learning and builds the confidence to explore.

Building on 20 years of classroom success, our new online Turkish lessons offer young students the very best in distance learning. Specially designed for very young students, our online classes faithfully recreate Carousel’s signature warm, engaging, multisensory approach with brief, age-appropriate interval lessons, multiple times per week.

Give your child a passport to Global Citizenship–join the Carousel family today!