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Mission & Philosophy

We are changing the landscape of early childhood foreign language learning.

Our Mission

To provide our youngest generation with the intellectual stimulation and educational advantage gained through early exposure to more than one language.

Our Philosophy

  • Joyful learning is the greatest measure of success!
  • Carousel’s exquisite classrooms and teaching materials are important tools to engage the senses and inspire curiosity.
  • Each child’s experience is tailored to his or her age, level, and individual learning style.
  • We understand the value of small class size and limit each group to 5 children or fewer.
  • We believe in the importance of connecting families to their heritage.

The Carousel Approach

  • Carousel’s methodology is based on verbal, visual, and tactile associations, allowing children to learn on multiple levels.
  • Our full immersion language classes are held in enchanting classrooms, and our young students are encouraged to explore.
  • Our environment is warm and nurturing.
  • Our beautiful, interactive teaching materials are designed in-house, exclusively for Carousel.
  • Carousel’s global team of educators and linguists continuously develops exciting new activities and materials, providing students with the tools for ongoing success.
  • Small class size ensures that each child has the opportunity to participate fully in every class.